Death of Roselia Bualan Macaraeg De Vera (1943-2010)
Written by Laurie Mortier   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 12:09

Roselia "Rose" Macaraeg De Vera, wife of Jimmy De Vera, died last January 23, 2010 at the age of 67.    If I remember right, she was born May 23, 1943. She was buried Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

Here's an excerpt from Edmond Macaraeg's email re Rose's funeral.

"Hello Everyone!

I just want to update you a little about some recent significant events

One of them is the eventual death last January 23 of my/our first cousin
Rosie De Vera at the age of about 67.

If I remember right, she was born May 23, 1943. She was buried Tuesday,
January 26. Almost all of our Macaraeg relatives were present.

There were also about four elderly ladies who belong to the Macaraeg clan,
but from another branch. They are daughters of the late Cayetano Macaraeg,
who was the brother of Maximo Macaraeg (my/our grandfather). Cayetano was
the Chief Forester of all Mindanao back in the '50s. By granting certain
individuals huge forest concession rights, he was in effect responsible for
making those logging magnates in Mindanao then become multimillionaires and
eventually also powerful politicians. But true to the Macaraeg tradition
where honesty is valued above personal aggrandizement, he ended his
government service career without any significant wealth.

Back to Rosie, you may recall my email about our visit to her last January
3, wherein for about two and a half-hours, I audibly read before all
visitors her writings in her notebook. While reading it, Rosie, who was
already very weak and half conscious slowly extended her hand toward me and
for which I held it while reading her writings.

During the funeral (after the Catholic mass in the cemetery chapel), at the
grave site, Jimmy De Vera (Rosie's husband) in effect requested us (Sonny &
me) to perhaps do something more before final interment of the body. As a
result, Sonny gave an impromptu eulogy about Rosie, while I did the
Committal Prayer plus words of spiritual encouragement. But prior to the
committal prayer, I gave a little background concerning my last visit to
Rosie, wherein I audibly read her writings before the little audience then,
and suggested to all listeners at the gravesite to try to read those
writings as well.

In this regard, it was suggested that her writings be somehow copied and
made available for distribution to anyone interested.

The attached document is now the result of such, which Jimmy just sent to

I would encourage all of you to browse and get a first-person account of her
challenges. She expressed her feelings under such a difficult situation,
which also forms her narrative. In addition, she expressed her philosophies
in life. You would also see her talent in writing in prose and poetry (which
seems to run thru some among us in the Macaraeg clan).

Happy reading and contemplation" -- [from Edmond Macaraeg]
In regards with the said article, you may read her writings under our Articles section, titled Rose's Life's Journey.
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